Smartid3 a Perl MP3 organizer



LATEST UPDATE : smartid3 is now hosted on SourceForge under the name aRanger!


Here you can find some info on smartid3 a perl script which organizes your mp3 files for you.

DESCRIPTION aims at organizing mp3 files automatically for you. The idea is that you should be able to run the script on a large amount of files to get them organized in a consistent manner according to your desires.

It works by giving the file name of the mp3 to a number of methods which each has it's own special way of guessing the song, album, artist title and track number. Each method has a vote_value which is a notation on how reliable the method is.

Before all methods vote, there is a preprocessing phase done on the files, which looks at all the files given and tries to figure out possible albums and artists. The idea is that albums and artists, shows up in several file names.

After all methods have voted there are some postprocessing done on the votes such as checking for strange values such as for instance 'http' in either entry, which would lead to a reduction of that entry's score, the entries are also checked to see it the artist is the same as the album and so on.


Renaming of mp3 files based on heuristics for title, artist, etc..
Viewing of the ID3 tags for mp3 files.
Writing of ID3 tags for mp3 files.
Removal of ID3 tags for mp3 files.
Explicit setting of title, artist, etc.
Logging of file operations
Reverting of operations using log file.
Batch mode (default).
Interactive mode.
User preferences file (.smartid3.rc).
Template file.


Download (and unzip if needed).

Place in your PATH, make it executable OR place it anywhere and use the perl interpreter to run it.

Old Downloads

smartid3 download
smartid3 download (gzip)
Download sample RC file (place it in $HOME/.smartid3.rc)

lsid3 download (Prints info on MP3's)


smartid3 POD entry (Documentation/Man/Examples...)


2001-11-29 Fixed recursion bug. (hopefully=) (Thanks Mark)

2001-11-29 Removed (-M) option, so I guess we're back at 0.1.1, sorry about that. =)

2002-01-29 Incorporated bugfixes from Jörn (See changeLog) (Thanks Jörn!). =)